1 Month VEGAN!… and the new Food Pyramide

They say that every situation, however bad it seems, always teaches us something and makes us stronger. So began our search, as a family, for a better type of nutrition, suitable for our new-born.

A.J. was born with an allergy to cow’s milk protein, as well as eggs and nuts. We did not know why our baby suffered from red spots all over his body, cramps after feeding and restless crying nights. But we soon had suspicions A.J.’s problems related to his diet. Bruno and me, as first-time parents looking out for the well-being of our child, used all our “1 Month VEGAN!… and the new Food Pyramide” verder lezen

Recycling oil: Make your own soap

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Today is our first OurEcoLifestyle workshop… yeah! and according to our life filosophy, there is no printed recipe, you can find it just couple of lines bellow 😉

Do you know that just 1liter of used kitchen oil can contaminate 10,000lt fresh water?

Do you also know that the average consumption of a belgium citizen is 40,000lt water per year?   So, if my math class were correct, just 4lt used oil can cause the contamination my entire fresh water reserve for one year?  Scary.

We, and also you, would not like to be the responsible for it, even if we live in a country where this kind or residues are procesed.

Another aspect to make your own soap? it gives a satisfaction… “i did it myself”, its economically interesting and … its #zerowaste !

Following first the safety instructions and having with you the neccesary equipment, here are the 2 recipies that we followed in the workshop:

Zeep met gebruikte olie

Olie –of boter: 800gr gefilterd olie “Recycling oil: Make your own soap” verder lezen

Chocolate Cake – Vegan & ZeroWaste

Hello OurEcoLifestyles 🙂

Sinds August 15, 2017, i am following a “Plant-based diet”. I feel, that if i promote (and work) a sustainable lifestyle, animal products do not fit 100% in my way of living.

It is true, that we are used to use animal products in our diet sind our young age, but it can be changed and specially if you really belive in why are you doing it, why are you choosing a more sustainable way of living. It is also true, that if i go once a year to my parents in Dominican Republic, and my mom wants to prepair her amazing “Pastelon” or “Quipes”, i will for sure enjoy it with them. What i am NOT going to do, is to CHOOSE consume meet, milk, eggs or fish, i am surrounded of other delicius and healty substitutes… and every single day.

There are many options outside waiting for you, but even better, it is also possible to do in a ZeroWaste way… and foy sure i did it! 😀

A “Plant-based diet” is not bored at all, the opposite, i obly me to learn new flavors everytime i go shopping. “Chocolate Cake – Vegan & ZeroWaste” verder lezen

Almost Zero Waste Month Challenge

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In our continuous search for practical solutions that make daily ecological life easier, we came up with the idea of our GANDAZWAM BOX.
But, this was not the end of our search, it was but the beginning of a series of challenges on how to reuse the waste produced daily at home.
For us, coffee is vital, because it means the difference between waking up or stay in zombie-mode 3 hours longer. Seeing how many used coffee grounds we produced, we decided to do something about it … And so GANDAZWAM was born.
But what about the rest? Other biodegradable waste (peels, flowers, cheese crusts, leftovers…)? We process it through the Bokashi. The waste from the garden (branches, damaged produce…) accumulates in the compost area of ​​our yard or gets turned into mulch. Also, thanks to the public system of garbage collection available in Ghent, we recycle paper and cardboard, recyclable plastics, glass, aluminum c “Almost Zero Waste Month Challenge” verder lezen