Maak je klaar voor de winter

Hey mensen,

Zoals jullie al weten, houdt OurEcoLifestyle van alles dat te maken heeft met gezondheid en welzijn. De winter nadert en het is nodig om jezelf, zowel vanbinnen als vanbuiten, te beschermen. Daarom hebben we samen met het “Vrouwennetwerk Univers’elle” een héél interessante workshop gegeven over hoe je jezelf kan wapenen tegen de winter, met producten die je zelf kan maken. Eenvoudige producten, ecologisch en zonder verpakking, die gemaakt kunnen worden in enkele eenvoudige “Maak je klaar voor de winter” verder lezen

My DIY beauty product solutions

DIY Skin Care

In continuation of the previous post, I want to elaborate about facial cleaning. Let me share my daily routine, and then I would love to hear what routines you have at home.

For starters, I think that the first and most important step should always be a thorough cleaning of your face. This way you will be able to avoid the annoying pimples caused by clogged pores, it will help your skin breathe better and let masks penetrate more easily into your skin. Let me give you two tips / recipes, which I’ve been using the last few months and am very satisfied with. “My DIY beauty product solutions” verder lezen

Beauty care products

Beauty care products

This is a subject I love!

Skin care products

I have as a rule that, just as I care about what we eat at our home, I am very picky about choosing our skin care products.

The skin is our largest organ, and while our body has an incredibly intricate design, it is clear that the pollutants to which we are constantly exposed exceed its design parameters.

For example, the skin care products we use, like creams, shampoos, balms… that have mineral oils (read: pet “Beauty care products” verder lezen