Recycling oil: Make your own soap

Today is our first OurEcoLifestyle workshop… yeah! and according to our life filosophy, there is no printed recipe, you can find it just couple of lines bellow 😉

Do you know that just 1liter of used kitchen oil can contaminate 10,000lt fresh water?

Do you also know that the average consumption of a belgium citizen is 40,000lt water per year?   So, if my math class were correct, just 4lt used oil can cause the contamination my entire fresh water reserve for one year?  Scary.

We, and also you, would not like to be the responsible for it, even if we live in a country where this kind or residues are procesed.

Another aspect to make your own soap? it gives a satisfaction… “i did it myself”, its economically interesting and … its #zerowaste !

Following first the safety instructions and having with you the neccesary equipment, here are the 2 recipies that we followed in the workshop:

Zeep met gebruikte olie

Olie –of boter: 800gr gefilterd olie

Sodium Hidroxide: 122gr

Water: 285gr

30gr zuiker

10 druppels van je lievelings eterische olie


Zeep Kokos – olijf olie

Olijf olie: 500gr

Koko’s olie: 100gr

Sodium Hidroxide: 80gr

Water: 196gr

20gr zuiker

10 druppels van je lievelings eterische olie

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