#AlmostZeroWaste Challenge – Update

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First two weeks of our challenge… and we’re ON! We thought it would be more difficult and people would be reluctant to the idea, but quite the opposite turned out to be true.

For example, after hearing about the challenge a couple of colleagues told me that they too had made changes in their buying habits. One of them always takes a cloth shopping bag with him when going to the baker’s, and also uses paper bags instead of plastic for “#AlmostZeroWaste Challenge – Update” verder lezen

Almost Zero Waste Month Challenge

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In our continuous search for practical solutions that make daily ecological life easier, we came up with the idea of our GANDAZWAM BOX.
But, this was not the end of our search, it was but the beginning of a series of challenges on how to reuse the waste produced daily at home.
For us, coffee is vital, because it means the difference between waking up or stay in zombie-mode 3 hours longer. Seeing how many used coffee grounds we produced, we decided to do something about it … And so GANDAZWAM was born.
But what about the rest? Other biodegradable waste (peels, flowers, cheese crusts, leftovers…)? We process it through the Bokashi. The waste from the garden (branches, damaged produce…) accumulates in the compost area of ​​our yard or gets turned into mulch. Also, thanks to the public system of garbage collection available in Ghent, we recycle paper and cardboard, recyclable plastics, glass, aluminum c “Almost Zero Waste Month Challenge” verder lezen